• Greek Title Καθώς προχωρούσα μπροστά κάθε τόσο έβλεπα αχτίδες ομορφιάς
  • Original Title As I was moving ahead occasionally I saw brief glimpses of beauty
  • Year: 2000 (1970-1999)
  • Genre: Experimental Film diary
  • Country: USA
  • Duration: 288'
  • Director / Scriptwriter: Jonas Mekas
  • Cinematography: Jonas Mekas
  • Editing: Jonas Mekas
  • Music / Score: Auguste Varkalis
  • Sound: Jonas Mekas
  • Cast: Εμφανίζονται: Jane Brakhage, Stan Brakhage, Robert Breer, Hollis Frampton, Allen Ginsberg, Ken Jacobs, Peter Kubelka
  • Production: Jonas Mekas
  • Color: Color
  • Audio: Sound
  • Language: English
  • Format: ProRes
  • Print Source: Courtesy of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Hellenic Republic and the Lithuanian Culture Institute

"My film diaries 1970-1999. It covers my marriage, children are born, you see them growing up. Footage of daily life, fragments of happiness and beauty, trips to France, Italy, Spain, Austria. Seasons of the year as they pass through New York. Friends, home life, nature. Nothing extraordinary, nothing special, things that we all experience as we go through our lives. There are many inter-titles that reflect my thoughts of the period. The soundtrack consists of music and sounds recorded mostly during the same period from which the images came. The piano improvisations are by Auguste Varkalis. Sometimes I talk into my tape recorder, as I edit these images, now, from a distance of time. The film is also my love poem to New York, its summers, its winters, streets, parks. It’s the ultimate Dogma '95 movie, before the birth of Dogma." (Jonas Mekas)

Jonas Mekas (1922-2019) was born in Lithuania and, with his brother Adolfas, was held captive in a forced labor camp during World War II. He immigrated to New York in the late 1940s. There he became an emblematic figure of the American experimental cinema and the avant-garde scene, making mainly diary films but also founding magazines, collectives and experimental film archives. He was the first director of the famous organization for experimental cinema Anthology Film Archives. Until the end of his life he wrote poetry and published books on cinema, made diaristic cinema with film but also with the new digital media.

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