• Greek Title Άστεγοι ερωτευμένοι
  • Original Title The more the merrier
  • Year: 1943
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Country: USA
  • Duration: 104'
  • Director: George Stevens
  • Scriptwriter: Robert Russell, Frank Ross, Richard Flournoy, Lewis R. Foster, Garson Kanin
  • Cinematography: Ted Tetzlaff
  • Editing: Otto Meyer
  • Music / Score: Leigh Harline
  • Cast: Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Charles Coburn, Richard Gaines, Bruce Bennett, Frank Sully
  • Production: George Stevens, Columbia Pictures
  • Awards: Academy Award Winner for Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Distinctions: Academy Award Nominee for Best Picture, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Writing (Original Story), Best Writing (Screenplay)
  • Color: Black & White
  • Audio: Sound
  • Language: English
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
  • Format: DCP
  • Restoration: Αποκατεστημένη σε 4Κ το 2019 από τη Sony Pictures Entertainment στα εργαστήρια Cineric, Roundabout West and Prasad, από κόπιες νιτρικού φιλμ συντηρημένες στο Library of Congress και στο British Film Institute (BFI). Restored in 4K in 2019 by Sony Pictures Entertainment at Cineric, Roundabout West and Prasad laboratories, from the nitrate original negative and the nitrate dupe negative preserved at Library of Congress and BFI National Archive.
  • Print Source: Park Circus
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The comedy takes place during World War II, when houses and men were in shortage. A young woman has to share a flat with a mischievous older man, who moreover sublets his space to a young sergeant and deliberately pushes the two younger flatmates to couple. Stevens develops the film relying on the chaos created by the limited space and the forced proximity. Once more, in a tour de force of filmmaking, the obstacles in space, windows and doors become part of the story, as in the climax scene where the delayed encounter eventually happens in a shared bed.

George Stevens (1904-1975), born in California, was an important director of the Golden Age of Hollywood. He began as a cinematographer in the films of Laurel and Hardy. His first films are comedies and romantic dramas, which have nevertheless humanist dimensions. During World War II he shot war footage; nevertheless in his post-war dramatic films there exist deeper humanist concerns. Many of his films were nominated for and won Oscars. He won the Best Director Oscar twice for A place in the Sun (1951) and The giant (1956).

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