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A matter of great importance is the contribution by the Greek Film Archive to the promotion of world cinema among Greek audiences as well as to the promotion of Greek cinema abroad, through a number of activities.

From its establishment until the fire of 1997, the Film Archive organized popular daily screenings. These screenings introduced entire generations of moviegoers to the art of cinema. Especially the decades of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, when the distribution of non-commercial films in Greece was limited, the Film Archive was the only place where one could see classic masterpieces of the Seventh Art as well as first screenings of international films. With the Film Archive’s move to the new “Laϊs” building, conditions will once again be ripe for reestablishing the tradition of daily screenings.

Events and Collaborations in Greece and abroad
An important part of the activities of the Film Archive concerns the promotion of Greek cinema abroad, in collaboration with the respective foundations of FIAF as well as the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Culture, the Film Center, Embassies, educational and cultural foundations, universities and other organizations. These successful activities have as a result, on the one hand, the promotion of Greek cinema abroad and, on the other hand, the early screening of important international films in Greece - and the introduction to the Greek public of pioneering cinematographic movements. A special emphasis at the Greek Film Archive is being placed on collaboration with its European counterparts.

Such collaboration between the archives of the European Union began in 1985, when, within the framework of the institution of “cultural cities” that was initiated by Melina Merkouri, Aglaϊa Mitropoulou invited to Athens all the directors of the European Film Archives, thus establishing the first framework for cooperation.

Educational screenings
Within the framework of educational programmes, special cinematographic screenings are held for junior and high school students in Athens, for students of private film schools, theatrical schools and for students of the Media departments of the University of Athens and Panteion University. An innovation in cinematographic education of Greece was the establishment and operation of Film Clubs. The Film Archive was the first to establish, develop and support the operation of a number of Film Clubs.

Special publications
The publishing activity of the Film Archive began in 1950 at the same time as the beginning of its screenings. For every special tribute and for every subject of a series of films the Film Archive has published a programme rich in information. Today, the Greek Film Archive has a collection of more than 4,000 special programmes, which provide a vivid testimony to the role and contribution of the Archive throughout the years.



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