Tuesday 20 October, 18:00

Symbol of the surrealist cinematographic avant-garde, Luis Buñuel arrived by chance in Mexico in 1946, where he directed 20 of his 32 features including The Exterminating Angel. This unexpected shift in his career shaped his unique works, as he created variations on imprisonment, as well as a necessary satire on religion and male chauvinism.
Speaker: Gabriela Trujillo
Gabriela Trujillo, PhD., essayist and former professor in Film Studies at Ecole du Louvre and NYU- Paris, specialist of Latin American avant-garde, is currently working at the Cinémathèque française. She will publish in 2020 a book about Marco Ferreri (Marco Ferreri. Le cinéma ne sert à rien, éd. Capricci).

Coordination: Céline Ruivo (independent expert in film restoration)

The discussion will be held in English.

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