Drawn Lines

  • Original Title Drawn Lines
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre:
  • Duration: 7'
  • Director: Αντιγόνη Μιχαλακοπούλου | Antigone Michalakopoulou
  • Color: Color
  • Audio: Sound
  • Format: Μη διαθέσιμη πληροφορία

This is a video of diy aesthetics, for which a world map, a pebble, a pencil, a chisel and a piece of rice paper were used as props. The paradoxical uses of props create metaphors and evoke associations on the concepts of border and place. The map is turned upside down from the beginning, as an attempt to eliminate the recognition of borders and countries. The pebble, a piece of land or the island-self, travels on the map and the body – it is thrown randomly like a dice that does not belong anywhere. Parts of real borders are copied on the rice paper, composing fantastic continents that are transformed into landscapes, which do not belong to anyone.

#diyaesthetics #borders #landscape

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