Κατάλογος Αφιερώματος

From 12 to 22 of February

The Greek Film Archive, the cultural initiative Tempo Forte, the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens and the Institute Luce-Cinecittà bring a scent of Italy to our screens, and present the 1st Italian Film Festival Cinema Made in Italy/Athens, to be held from the 12thtill the 22nd ofFebruary, on the Greek Film Archive’s platform

16 new Italian films, from the greatest international film festivals, will be screened—starring Alida Vali, Paolo Conte, Marina Abramović, Roberto Benigni, Elio Germano, Pierfrancesco Favino and many other famous actors.

National premiereswebinars and lotteries for free pizza, dinner at an Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day and Italian lessons for a lucky winner, on a wonderful journey to the homeland of Fellini, Visconti, Pasolini and Antonioni.

This is the first online film festival in Greece, focusing exclusively on Italian cinema, and as noted by the director of the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, Anna Mondavio “it presents a panorama of Italian society, with its dreams; changes; daily life; its doubts and its memories. This is a first-rate opportunity for the Greek public, to further acquaint itself with its neighbor, with whom they share cultural, economic, scientific and most importantly, friendly ties—founded on distinguished kinships, going back centuries. For all these reasons we hope, that this festival will be established on an annual basis”.

As Maria Komninos, president of the Greek Film Archive, additionally notes “the program covers all the contemporary trends of New Italian cinema. A cinema, which has paved the way for young auteurs, and which continues along contemporary traditions, either in its stylistic choices or in the difficult paths it treads,  inspired by the Taviani Brothers—with themes  inspired by family; love and the politics of identity in contemporary  Italy”.


The festival will open, with the Greek premiere of the exciting documentary We Are the Revolution (La rivoluzione siamo noi) by Ilaria Freccia; which observes how Italy, in the period of 1967-1977, was transformed into an international hub of the artistic avant-garde. During this restless decade, great artists such as Marina Abramović, Herman Nitsch, Joseph Beuys, but also our very own Jannis Kounellis, experiment freely with visionary and challenging languages; creating an art that is an expression of social and political change. It is the age of Arte Povera, a tendency by new artists to question the transformation of art into a commodity—and of art in general; thus  incorporating  cheap and recycledmaterials in their work.

On the opening day of the festival (Friday 12/2, from 12 at noon till midnight), the film will be screened free of charge for all. Afterwards, all those who are interested, can watch it by purchasing a ticket. From Saturday 13/2 (at 12 p.m.), all films of the festival, will be available to the public, with the purchase of tickets.



*One lucky winner of Cinema made in Italy/Athens will receive Italian lessons–an offer by the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens. Anyone who purchases any film bundle, will automatically participate in the prize-draw.

The Institute, offers an A1 level preparation course (online or in-person) worth 540 euros, which will take place, in the following academic year: 2021–2022. The winner must contact the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, in early September 2021 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. 210 5242646) to validate their participation.

*Whoever purchases a single ticket, or bundle, by Sunday the 14th of February: Valentine’s Day, will automatically enter the prize-draw, for a free dinner for two at the Italian restaurant Belpaese, at the Acropolis (it goes without saying, that the gift will only be redeemable when restaurants are once again open, after quarantine restrictions).

*Ten lucky winners, who will purchase an Early Bird Bundle by 11/2, will receive a free pizza via delivery or take away, from La Nonna Pizza Bar (Anapafseos 11) in Mets. This specific draw will be actualised on the Film Archive’s social media, and concerns only those who reside in the areas of Athens, that the pizzeria serves home delivery (Mets, Koukaki, Kolonaki, Neos Kosmos, Dafni). It also requires presentation of the proof of purchase of the Early Bird Bundle, upon delivery.



PRE-SALE/ Early Bird: From the 5th till the 11th of February those interested can secure the reduced price of 10 eurosfor all 16 films of the tribute. Do not miss out on this unique offer!

*Ticket: 3 euros. 5 film bundle: 5 euros. 10 film bundle: 8 euros. These prices are valid from the 12th till the 22nd of February. You can find the available bundles here. 

  • All films will be screened with Greek subtitles.
  • Create your account on the platform, and buy tickets for the films you are interested in. You have 30 hours to complete viewing each film.





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