35mm ARRI printer

A ‘contact’-type printer which is used in making a 16mm positive copy. There are two types of printers: 'contact' & 'optical'. The 'contact' type are divided into two categories. The first is a 'continuous’ printer, which, quickly and without pause, moves both positive and negative film together in contact with each other in front of an exposure aperture. The second is an ‘intermittent’ or ‘step printer’, in which each frame pauses for an instant in front of a beam of light, which is then blocked by a shutter until the next frame is exposed. The ‘optical’ types project and copy every frame through a lens, and are mostly used for the creation of various optical effects, as when making copies of smaller or larger size. Made in Germany in the late 1950s.
  • Date of Manufacture 1950-60
  • Country of Manufacture West Germany
  • Technical Specifications Film format 35mm, contact type
  • Label Information S.N. "No 2005"
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