35mm "Etalonnage"(color-timing/grading) table

A privately manufactured device comprising a synchronizing system of eight channels and opaque glass, which is lit from behind. The channels of the synchronizer can accommodate eight samples of 35mm film, all printed differently, of which the best can be selected. The negative film, during the process of printing, is monitored through a system of filters, and the range of colors as well as the brightness of the image can be determined. At the same time, the lighting and colors of the different shots in each scene can be harmonized. There are two control systems: the additive and subtractive. In the first, the light (from the printing machine) is divided into three basic colors by dichroic filters, while in the second control system the light is filtered through the colors which have been decided on during the color- grading process. It was manufactured and used in the mid 1960s.
  • Date of Manufacture 1960-70
  • Country of Manufacture Greece
  • Technical Specifications Film format 35mm
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