Magic Lantern

A square metallic lantern with a copper lens cover. The side door of the body has a small circular opening with filter for checking the inside, which has an electric outlet with ceramic socket and a projection bulb. The back side of the lantern has “little curtains” in place of the usual door. The lens has a system for focusing adjusted by a ‘ring-washer’. It projects glass slides. From 1905-1915.
  • Date of Manufacture 1905-15
  • Country of Manufacture Great Britain
  • Label Information Engraved on the lens cover: REG. : No 230577 & 9 3/4 inc (size of lens), ESTABLISHED 1816, TRADE MARK: LONDON MAKE. Engraved on the base of the lens, close to the body of the magic lantern: BROADHURST CLARKSON & Co, 63 FARRINGDON ROAD, LONDON E.C.
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