35mm CINEMECCANICA Projector

This bulky and impressive projector seems to be a model of the famous company “CINEMECCANICA”, since the name of the company is found on all the metallic parts of the machine, and possibly dates from the middle of the decade 1950-60. This particular model, however, is identified as “ZENITH /1 II 570, ITALIA-MILANO”. The company ZENITH was American and operated from the decade 1930-40. Possibly the specific projector is a reconstruction of some type, since CINEMECCANICA, which was established in 1920, had already been manufacturing, since the decade 1940-50, variations of its different models in local laboratories and in collaboration with various countries, such as France & America.
  • Date of Manufacture 1950-60
  • Country of Manufacture Italy
  • Technical Specifications Film format 35mm
 Exist 3 photos of the object



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