Mechanism from a 35mm C.P. GOERZ Projector

The company 'C. P. GOERZ' was established in 1887 and initially manufactured movie cameras. Later, as 'C. P. GOERZ American optical', it manufactured the famous ‘Dagor’ lenses up to the end of the decade 1950-60. The specific exhibit works with a crank and is of German manufacture from the end of the decade 1910-20. On the synchronizers with spikes where the film passes there is engraved the code: «TA-7318-3 (possibly the manufacture number) PAT. No: 1.850.830». On the side there is a gear wheel with “S.N.# 746316”. On the ‘door’ of the device there are two pieces of information: on the left is written “2St” and on the right “Pr.”. The ‘flywheel’ is of the ‘butterfly-type’ with 2 blades.
  • Date of Manufacture 1910-20
  • Country of Manufacture Germany
  • Technical Specifications Film format 35mm
  • Lenses HYPAR, F = 5cm (50mm) 516890 C.P. GOERZ BERLIN
  • Label Information TA-7318-3 (possibly the manufacture number), PAT. No: 1.850.830, S.N. # 746316
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