BOLEX H-16 Movie Camera

16mm movie camera which accommodates many optical effects (split-screen, frame-by-frame, etc.) in its operation. The only camera manufactured from the ‘30s until today with the same basic design. A device of exceptional quality that was used, and is still used, by generations of cinematographers, especially the generation of independent American filmmakers from the end of the ‘50s. (Stan Brackage, Jonas Mekas). It is accompanied by a chassis (daylight-spool) of 30m capacity.
  • Date of Manufacture 1957-58
  • Country of Manufacture Switzerland
  • Technical Specifications “Wound motor drive”, non-reflex view-finder, film format 16mm.
  • Lenses (Lens-turret with three lenses, one of which is missing) KERN-PAILLARD SWITZERLAND, YVAR 13mm, f-1.9, S. N. # 555252 b) WOLLENSAK 13mm, f-2.5, CINE RAPTAR
  • Label Information S. N. # 145053, MADE IN SWITZERLAND / FABRICATION SUISSE.
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