35mm ARRIFLEX model II-C Movie Camera

35mm movie camera from the beginning of the ‘60s. It was first introduced in this design in 1938 as Arri-35 by ARNOLD & RICHTER, whose initials gave the camera its name as well as many other products for shooting, montage, laboratorial & projection uses, which the renowned company still continues to produce, having now moved to the ‘digital’ environment with the research & manufacture of systems for the transfer of film to digital format and vice-versa. It continued to be produced as a ‘II-C’ until the ‘70s, selling thousands of pieces to cinematographers the whole world over. Especially durable, the camera saw thirty years of continuous use (with repair and upgrades available even today) and was succeeded in the ‘80s by the already classic Arri-III and, later on, by the Arri-435.It is accompanied by a high & medium tripod & Arri hydraulic head, chassis 120m.
  • Date of Manufacture 1960-70
  • Country of Manufacture West Germany
  • Technical Specifications Film format 35mm
  • Lenses 1) ANGENIEUX-ZOOM, 25-250mm / f-3.2, TYPE : 10x24B, S. N. #1174494, P. ANGENIEUX, PARIS. 2) Schneider 50mm, f-2. Also included is a shade/filter case (75 x 75mm).
  • Label Information S. N. # 35857, MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY
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