35mm Movie Camera of Greek manufacture

35mm “crank” movie camera “DEBRIE” with auxiliary electric motor. It looks like a combination of the models 'PARVO'-'K' & 'JK'. The first ‘PARVO’ was introduced in 1908. This specific example seems to belong to the ‘30s. It accepts an internal-chassis/metallic cassette for 60m-“virgin” film on one side of the camera. The front part (behind the lens) opens vertically upwards, revealing the ‘door’ of the device, the ‘corridor’ where the ‘curl’ forms in order to pass from the other side of the device and to wind the now-exposed film in the empty, spare cassette. This is the precursor of the modern ‘coaxial’ chassis, which is found in all modern movie cameras.
  • Date of Manufacture 1930-40
  • Country of Manufacture Greece
  • Technical Specifications Film format 35mm
  • Lenses CHROMAT, KINOPTIK, PARIS, FOCALE 50mm / f-2.
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