EASTMAN KODAK Stills Camera model 1-A

The model is characterized as Autographic because it includes a special stylus that allows the photographer to make notes directly on the film – such as dates, captions, etc. from an opening in the body of the camera that is protected from the light. It was first introduced in 1914 and continued to be manufactured under this name in several variations of the model up to 1934. The specific camera was manufactured in the period 1917-24 (Collection DORIZAS).
  • Date of Manufacture 1917-24
  • Country of Manufacture U.S.A.
  • Technical Specifications Film type Kodak-Α116 on a core film spool
  • Lenses KODAK ANASTIGMAT 7.7cm, f-11, No 2997
  • Label Information AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK, FOLDING POCKET KODAK R-R LENS TYPE, MANUFACTURED BY EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, PATENTS: JUNE, 16, 1914, (a number of patents from June, 21, 1898 until May 19, 1914) [the information is recorded on the back of the door]
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