35mm Movie Camera of Greek manufacture

Possibly of domestic Greek manufacture, massive-metallic, with several original spare parts possibly by ‘Debrie’, with elements from many movie cameras, such as 'Debrie'-'GV' (1922), model "D" (an especially strong model that was also used to shoot athletic events since its motor could drive many frames per second. The film-loop resides in the inside of the body, while the chassis (that fit on the top part of the body) are missing and with the help of a belt are driven by the device’s motor. The camera seems to have been manufactured during the ‘40s and operated until the end of the ‘50s.
  • Date of Manufacture 1940-50
  • Country of Manufacture Greece
  • Technical Specifications Film format 35mm, electric motor drive, Reflex view-finder
  • Lenses CANON CAMERA CO No 20980, 50mm / f-1.9.
 Exist 3 photos of the object



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