35mm MODEL-C Upright Moviola

This is the classic ‘moviola’ that gave its name to all the ‘montage’ systems, both horizontal and upright, in the same way that ‘Leica’ once meant ‘camera’. It was invented by Iwan Serurier. The absolute ‘standard’ for the American entertainment industry; it is still being used in film schools, as the user acquires a more ‘physical’ contact with the subject, and becomes familiar with the duration of cut/edit and the relevant length of film: its design is based on the basic technique of the principles of filmmaking, cutting by hand on an ‘opaque glass’ editing board. In this way, ‘moviola’ helps in quickly checking ‘action & reaction’, as was initially used by the editors of the silent films, who were famous for being able to ‘see’ a scene at the right speed simply by moving it through their hands! The first sound model was introduced in 1929-30. Technically, the ‘moviola’ follows the basic design that gives the camera and the projector motion, namely, it uses the ‘cross of Malta’ to project the image in the viewer. The quality of the sound is mediocre. The exhibit that belongs to the Greek Film Archive comes from the ‘40s.
  • Date of Manufacture 1940-50
  • Country of Manufacture U.S.A.
  • Technical Specifications Film format 35mm
  • Label Information MOVIOLA COMPANY, HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, PATENTED # 1816485 & 1873341, MODEL: C, S.N.# 1800, «GENERAL SERVICE STUDIO» [stamped on both sides]
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